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  • UoC's team wins Solvers' Cup 2017 in Budapest

    The University of Cologne's team consisted of CEMS MIM students Lars Brockmeier, Johannes Fuehner, Fabian Lorson, and Christian Haas. See below for more information.

  • ZIB WiSo is looking for 'buddies'

    Cologne students interested in helping international students find their way at the WiSo Faculty are invited to apply for the 'Buddy Programme'. Click here for more information.

  • Financial support for internships abroad in Europe

    The terms and conditions for ERASMUS internship funding coordinated by the ZIB WiSo have been updated, offering students with higher salaries the opportunity for ERASMUS+ funding. For more information, please click here.

  • New partnerships with East Anglia University and Aarhus University

    The UK's leading research university and Denmark's largest university to welcome WiSo students starting in 2018/19. See below for more information.