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Welcome to the Marketing Area

We are dedicated to the current challenges of marketing with focus on the requirements that arise in an increasingly service-oriented society. Our goal is to create and convey knowledge relevant for management, which in turn leads to better decisions in marketing and transparent economic consequences. 

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Students' pages


  • New forthcoming publication on influencer marketing disclosure in the International Journal of Research in Marketing

    An article by Zeynep Karagür, doctoral student at the Marketing Area, and Dr. Alexander Edeling, postdoc at the Marketing Area, and the two former Marketing Area researchers Prof. Dr. Jan-Michael Becker (now BI Oslo) and Prof. Dr. Kristina Klein (now…

  • New book chapter: the role of retailers in inner city attractiveness

    Julian Wichmann , Thomas Scholdra, and Werner Reinartz publish their analysis in the new book “Marketing Accountability for Marketing and Non-marketing Outcomes”, edited by V. Kumar and David Stewart

  • New publication in Marketing Review St. Gallen

    Kai Hudetz, MD of the Institute of Research in Retailing (IFH) and Werner Reinartz (UoC) have published an article in Marketing Review St. Gallen on the subject of customer experience management (CEM) in retailing before and after the pandemic…